A complete menu of our capabilities


At Franklin Brazing, we have outfitted our entire company to perform any and all of your metal treating needs. Brazing is our business, and we are unrivaled when it comes to our innovative, specialized brazing process, our elite quality standards, and our unmatched, exhaustive-care customer service.


Our industry-leading annealing services at Franklin Brazing have been perfected, as our customers can see with our signature PuroBrite™ finish on all of our stainless steel. Only Franklin Brazing can provide a controlled heating and cooling cycle, oxidation removal process and the PuroBrite™ system that achieves superior results.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is processed using the PuroBrite™ system. PuroBrite™ is a complete system that starts with you (the customer) and ends with a finished part.


Our full-assembly program allows for the assembly of third-party components, allowing you to start with a completed brazed assembly.

Aerospace and Automotive

Franklin Brazing is certified to both AS9100:2016 Rev D and IATF16949:2016 quality certifications. Franklin Brazing is unique among AS9100 certified brazing and heat treating companies. Our PuroBrite™ system delivers exceptional quality and efficiency with every brazing and metal treating procedure.


When customers allow us to work on their prototypes, Franklin Brazing can bring your original models up to production standards faster than any of our competitors. The long-term economics of the program are more favorable due to greater product efficiency and reduced waste.

Emergency and Backup Service

Franklin Brazing provides an emergency alternative to your in-house process or current supplier. If backup is needed, we will immediately take action at a price you can afford—alleviating some of the stress caused by your unfortunate circumstance.