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Welcome to Franklin Brazing & Metal Treating

Brazing and Annealing Services using the PuroBrite™ System

Franklin Brazing & Metal Treating is the only company with the PuroBrite™ system to braze, normalize, temper, stress relieve, and anneal stainless steel, carbon steel and other ferrous alloy parts.  The process was developed for the strict requirements of stainless steel brazing and annealing.  Finished stainless steel parts must always be clean and bright, and have precise micro structure requirements for strength and corrosion resistance properties.  Average brazing and annealing processes cannot reliably meet these requirements.  Our system will provide you with superior results at a fraction of the cost our competitors charge.  Though our PuroBrite™ method was developed for stainless steel, it also achieves similar impressive results for carbon steel and other ferrous alloys.

Our Parts are Always Bright and Always Right

PuroBrite™ combines the purest atmospheres with precise heating, cooling, fabrication and preparation specifications.  If your stainless steel parts are not bright, the corrosion resistance and joint strength potential is not being achieved.  If your yields and deliveries are imperfect, your cost of brazing is too high and your customer satisfaction will dwindle.  Our exclusive process consistently produces the highest quality parts without delay.

Guaranteed Punctual Delivery

The PuroBrite™ process, along with our unique efficiency systems, guarantees you receive prompt deliveries.  We serve customers throughout North America with precise deliveries and reduce the lead times for the brazing and heat treating process.  Your parts do not spend time at our facility; they are delivered immediately and with the quality you expect.  Quality parts are vital to your business Your parts are an investment, and poor brazing and heat treating processes could reduce your return on investment.  The PuroBrite™ method provides you with superior first-pass yields, giving you the best return on your investment.  You can expect a reduction in your total cost because you will not have to incur additional costs due to poor quality.  Quit wasting essential resources stop squandering time and money on brazing and heat treating processes that do not support your business.   Browse our site and see how our PuroBrite™ process can help you today.