Aerospace & Automotive

Franklin Brazing is certified to both AS 9100:2016 Rev D and IATF 16949:2016 quality certifications. We are proud to be one of the first brazing and metal treating companies in our industry to obtain quality certification in the 1990s. Our commitment to quality extends to the fabric of our operation, and to the experienced professionals who drive our operation to success. You can be certain that Franklin Brazing will consistently meet your critical aerospace specifications with prompt efficiency.

Franklin Brazing is unique among AS 9100 certified brazing and heat treating companies. Our PuroBrite™ system delivers exceptional quality and efficiency with every brazing and metal treating procedure. High nickel or stainless alloys are no exception to our process, and both large and small applications are treated through similar methods. We do not need separate processes to meet the higher specifications and requirements of aerospace applications, assuring you will not pay for a separate system that is not needed. Franklin Brazing is the only company in our industry to guarantee a bright finish on your stainless steel and on-time delivery of your ferrous alloy parts.

You can trust Franklin Brazing, as all of our customers will attest. Our years of experience producing high first pass yields, and promising prompt delivery for diverse critical applications, assures our customers that they can rely on our company.  Together, we will evaluate your specifications and develop an efficient plan to achieve 99%+ first pass yields and perfect on-time delivery. In the unlikely case that we are unable to meet your needs, we will explain our reasons before you have made any commitment to our business. In addition, Franklin Brazing is the only company in our industry to publish our yields and delivery performance.

Now is the time to break away from expensive, outdated, and inconsistent processes. Call Franklin Brazing today to discuss your brazing and metal treating needs.