Benefits of the PuroBrite™ System for Heating and Treating Stainless Steel

The PuroBrite™ system for heating and treating stainless steel is one of hundreds of brazing systems available from as many heat treating companies. Why should you use the PuroBrite™ system for heating and treating stainless steel instead of a competing system? Having created the PuroBrite™ system from scratch, Franklin Brazing is in a unique position to answer this question. Compared to many other systems, the PuroBrite™system has at least four benefits.

In-Depth Consultation

The process begins with an in-depth consultation with the customer so that all of its needs are fully understood. In many cases, small details have a major impact on the quality of the work. For example, depending on their final application, stainless steel assemblies may need to be annealed as well as brazed. Before the heat treating process begins, Franklin Brazing will make sure we have all the information we need to produce the high-quality work you expect.

Controlled Atmospheres

One of the most important aspects of heat treating stainless steel is using a furnace that has a controlled atmosphere. The chromium in stainless steel oxidizes at high temperatures, which means the metal must be heat treated in the absence of oxygen. Franklin Brazing does this by using atmosphere-controlled continuous furnaces that maintain a pure hydrogen atmosphere. Stainless steel parts emerge from the furnace with a shiny, clean appearance.

High First Pass Yield Rate

Our in-depth consultation with the customer and use of atmosphere-controlled furnaces results in a high first pass yield rate. A heat treating company’s first pass yield rate is the percentage of work it completes correctly on the first try. For years, Franklin Brazing’s first pass yield rate has been over 99%. When you use our PuroBrite™ system for heating and treating stainless steel, you can depend on the work being completed on time and at the expected cost.

Supply Chain Services

During our initial consultation with the customer, we also determine whether the customer needs supply chain services that it does not have access to in house. Pushing component parts through an outside processing operation can be time consuming and costly. Supply chain services available to PuroBrite™ customers allow the use of a pull system for the final brazed assemblies. PuroBrite™ reliability is key to increasing efficiency and lowering cost.

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Compared to many heat treating systems, the PuroBrite™ system has at least four benefits: an initial in-depth consultation with the customer to fully understand its needs, the use of high-tech, atmosphere-controlled furnaces, a first pass yield rate of nearly 100%, and the availability of supply chain services. Throughout the process, we will work closely with you to ensure that your needs are met. For more information, call us at (800) 450-7782, or use our contact form.