Brazing Versus Welding

Brazing and welding are heat treating processes that join pieces of metal together. The primary difference between the procedures is that brazing joins pieces together by melting a filler metal that distributes between the entire connective surface, whereas welding joins pieces together at narrow points by melting them together using a filler metal. When it comes to joining pieces of stainless steel via heat treating, there are important reasons to use brazing instead of welding.

Assembly Joints Are Stronger

Welding creates a strong joint when workpieces that have a narrow point of contact are joined together. However, when workpieces are joined together across a wide point of contact, brazing is preferable. The filler metal distributes between the workpieces and forms a strong bond.

Assembly Joints Are Cleaner

Because it bonds workpieces together by melting them, welding can create messy looking joints that are not suitable for stainless steel assemblies that need a neat, clean appearance. When it is properly performed, the brazing process creates neat, clean joints that have a secure bond.

Better for Thin Work Pieces

Brazing in a controlled atmosphere heats workpieces in a uniform manner, and generally exposes assembly joints to less heat than welding. Thus there is a lower chance that thin workpieces will warp. Steel treating workpieces in a furnace helps to ensure uniform heating.

Better Processing Speed

Because it requires both the base metal and filler metal to melt, welding is a steel treating procedure that generally takes longer to complete than the brazing process. If you have a large work order, forming assemblies using brazing should result in a faster completion time.

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