Four Benefits of Using the PuroBrite™ System for Assembly, Brazing and Heat Treating

At first glance, each heat treating company’s metal treatment processes can seem the same, but on closer inspection, you often notice some significant differences. At Franklin Brazing, we have developed a proprietary system for assembly, brazing and heat treating metals known as the PuroBrite™ system. When you use the PuroBrite™ system for heating and treating metal, you receive at least four important benefits, some of which other heat treating companies fail to deliver.

1. Careful Examination of Customer Needs

Before we begin the metal treatment process, we carefully examine the needs of the customer in terms of the work order. Because metal components are used in different capacities, it is important to consider to how they must be treated to achieve the best possible results. Working with the customer, we develop the best approach for treating each work order we receive. This includes reviewing the joint design for optimal processing success.

2. High First Pass Yield Rate

By using the best equipment and working with customers to develop the best heat treating approach for their needs, we achieve a first pass yield rate of over 99 percent. In addition to ensuring that the order is finished on time, completing the order correctly on the first try helps to reduce cost. Scrap costs of non-conforming parts are virtually eliminated. The savings are substantial compared to other processes, since the investment in the part itself is often 10 times the brazing or heat treating cost. When you use our system, you receive a superior product for an affordable price.

3. Supply Chain Services

The cost of managing the logistics of several component suppliers is often significant and overlooked. If necessary, we can manage the suppliers you select, buy the parts you need, complete the work, and deliver the finished product to your location. Because maintaining suppliers and carrying inventories at outside locations can be costly, Franklin Brazing provides customers with supply chain services.

4. Ability to Perform Processes Simultaneously

Using our elite furnace technology, we can perform heat treatment processes simultaneously. For example, if you need brazed stainless steel assemblies that have a high degree of ductility, we can use an atmosphere-controlled furnace to anneal the assembly while it is brazed. Performing two processes at once helps to keep costs low and expedites the work order.

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The PuroBrite™ system for heating and treating metal is the best way to ensure that components have the highest quality, cost is kept under control, and the finished product is delivered on time. The PuroBrite™ system for heating and treating can be used for various heat treating processes, from annealing to brazing. To learn more about the PuroBrite™ system and our other services, call us today at (800) 450-7782, or click here to use our contact form.