The PuroBrite™ System for Heating and Treating Stainless Steel

The quality of brazed assemblies depends on the quality of the brazing process. When it comes to treating stainless steel, the brazing process must be refined to eliminate oxygen from the furnace. Otherwise, the chromium in the metal will oxidize, causing an assembly to have weak braze joints and a tarnished appearance. Nevertheless, as important as using a pure atmosphere is, there are additional elements of the overall process that are just as crucial.

  • Designing the braze joint geometry for quality and strength

  • Developing assembly methods to capture the potential of the design

  • Engineering alloy and furnace load patterns and settings for efficiency and repeatability

  • Ensuring the assembly is evenly heated and cooled

  • Ensuring the microstructure of the metal is homogenous

  • Controlling cost of work

  • Ensuring the work order is completed on time

Great assemblies are the key input for high first pass yields and maximum strength brazed joints. Fit up tolerances, brazed surface area, and the type of joint used all directly impact repeatability and the absolute strength of the joint. A properly brazed joint will be stronger than the base metals of the components. Deficiencies in the joint design and construction can increase cost and compromise the end use performance of the brazed part.

If assemblies are not evenly heated and cooled, they can develop internal stresses that make them fail during service. Creating assemblies using an atmosphere-controlled continuous furnace is the best way to ensure even heating and cooling. Using this model of furnace also makes it possible to perform two procedures at once. If the metal needs to be annealed to create a homogenous microstructure, annealing and brazing can be performed simultaneously.

When metal is evenly heated and cooled, and contains a homogeneous microstructure, it reduces the need for rework and additional heat treating procedures. Consequently, the cost of the work is well controlled and the order is completed expeditiously. If you need to create quality stainless steel assemblies in a cost effective, timely manner, using Franklin Brazing’s PuroBrite™ system for heating and treating stainless steel will deliver the benefits you need.

The PuroBrite™ System

Our PuroBrite™ system for heating and treating stainless steel is the result of over 40 years of experience in the heat treating industry combined with expertise in treating stainless steel. In addition to creating quality work, our PuroBrite™ system for heating and treating stainless steel focuses on completing orders on time and controlling costs for the customer. We have a first pass yield rate of over 99 percent and control costs by limiting waste pieces and scrap.

If your company needs to create high-quality stainless steel assemblies that stay within the projected cost range and are delivered on time, using the PuroBrite™ system is an excellent choice. For more information about our proprietary PuroBrite™ system, call us today at (800) 450-7782, or click here to use our contact form.