Using The PuroBrite™ System to Braze Assemblies: What Are The Advantages?

Franklin Brazing — a leading provider of heat treating services for over three decades — created the PuroBrite™ method to produce the highest quality brazed assemblies. While most metal treatment services have methods for making heat treated parts appear “shiny,” using the PuroBrite™ system to braze assemblies goes above and beyond what most companies offer. Below are important benefits that companies receive when their assemblies are created using the PuroBrite™ method.

Minimal Startup Costs

Because Franklin Brazing will buy the work pieces, perform the work, and sell the finished product to the customer, using the PuroBrite™ system to braze metal needn’t involve expensive startup costs. When the work is finished, we can even deliver the finished product to your location using our supply chain resources. This makes receiving a large volume of brazing work easy for companies that don’t have a shipping process in place.

Short Lead Times

Franklin Brazing delivers some of the shortest lead times in the commercial metal services industry. By using the best heat treating equipment and atmospheric processes, and implementing our 30 plus years of experience with metal treatments, we achieve a first pass yield rate of over 99 percent, which helps us maintain some of the shortest lead times.

Remarkably Bright Products

The most noticeable result of using the PuroBrite™ system for brazing is the bright finish that stainless parts and assemblies achieve. The PuroBrite™ method helps stainless steel products truly shine by employing cleaning measures and pure brazing atmospheres that prevent the surface of metal from oxidizing. If your company needs assemblies with bright parts, using the PuroBrite™ method is the best option.    

Strong Assembly Joints

The bright appearance of an assembly doesn’t matter if the assembly’s joints have poor dimensional stability. By employing an exceptionally pure nitrogen/hydrogen brazing atmosphere using an atmosphere controlled furnace, the PuroBrite™ method prevents oxidation from forming a layer between the base metal and filler metal, which improves dimensional stability.  

Call Franklin Brazing

If your company needs a brazing provider that offers minimal startup costs, short lead times, and delivers strong assemblies that are remarkably bright, Franklin Brazing is the company to call. To learn more about the advantages using our PuroBrite™ system to braze assemblies, contact us today.