Using The PuroBrite™ System to Braze: Frequently Asked Questions

Stainless steel assemblies often emerge from the furnace with a drossy appearance. If your company expects shiny assemblies, this can be quite a disappointment, especially if the assemblies need a bright appearance for the sake of aesthetics. At Franklin Brazing, we solve the problem of dull assemblies by using our PuroBrite™ system to braze. For more information about the system, check out the answers to the questions below.

What distinguishes the process from similar types of processes?

Unlike inferior heat treating processes that lead to problems with the appearance and joint strength of assemblies, the PuroBrite™ System focuses on each aspect of creating a great looking assembly that has excellent dimensional stability: strength, corrosion resistance, and appearance. We create the highest quality assemblies from the inside out.

What types of metal can be treated using the process?

We typically use the PuroBrite™ System to Braze 300 and 400 series alloy stainless steels. However, the system may also be used to treat carbon steels, mild steels, and other ferrous alloys. The system is also useful for annealing these types of metals. 

What is the first pass yield for the process?

The system generates first pass yields of over 99 percent — one of the highest first pass yield rates in the business. This is achieved by focusing on each aspect of creating a shiny assembly that has excellent dimensional stability: strength, corrosion resistance, and appearance.  

Does the company offer an on time guarantee for deliveries?

Because our first pass yield rate is almost 100 percent, We guarantee that deliveries will be made on time. The fact that we also have our own supply chain resources also supports our promise of on time delivery. If necessary, we can buy the parts, perform the work, and deliver the finished product to your location.

Can the process generate cost savings for customers?

Using the PuroBrite™ system to braze or anneal metal lowers costs because it produces almost no scrap metal due to the nearly 100 percent first pass yield. The less metal we use to complete the work the less we can afford to charge customers for our services.

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For over 30 years, Franklin Brazing has performed brazing and annealing procedures on stainless steel and other metals. Our PuroBrite™ system represents our commitment to providing the highest level of service for these procedures. For more information about our services, see our website, or give us a call today.