What are the Benefits of Using the PuroBrite™ System to Braze Stainless Steel?

Using Franklin Brazing’s PuroBrite™ system to braze stainless steel has several advantages. Unlike brazing methods that produce assemblies that contain oxide traces and inadequate dimensional stability, our proprietary system produces assemblies that are remarkably bright and strong. If you are trying to decide which brazing services provider to choose, below are four reasons to choose Franklin Brazing, and use the PuroBrite™ system to braze your assemblies.

Metal is Uniformly Heated

Uniform heating is a key to producing quality work. Assemblies that are not uniformly heated can experience problems such as heat tinting, improper grain structure, and the improper dispersal of filler metal at brazing joints. These problems cause assemblies to tarnish and have weak dimensional stability. To avoid these problems, Franklin Brazing uses atmosphere-controlled continuous furnaces that contain technology that ensures assemblies are uniformly heated.   

Metal is Uniformly Cooled

Uniform cooling is as important as uniform heating for producing assemblies that emerge from the furnace with a bright surface, proper grain structure, and consistent microstructure between like parts. Our PuroBrite™ system uses atmosphere-controlled continuous furnaces that actively cool assemblies after the brazing process is complete. Furnaces that lack an active cooling feature often leave assemblies in the cooling process for too long, which can result in the metal being softer than needed.

Pickling is Unnecessary

When stainless steel is brazed in furnaces that lack the optimal atmosphere, traces of oxide form on the metal’s surface and in the brazed joint. To remove the visible oxide and prevent future corrosion, the metal is often dipped in an acid pickle solution. However, Pickling does not remove oxidation sealed in the braze joint. This oxidation has resulted in less than optimal joint strength and is permanent. In addition to increasing the time it takes to process work orders, acid pickling can also increase cost of services. Because the PuroBrite™ system uses the optimal furnace atmosphere for brazing stainless steel, pickling is unnecessary.      

Orders are Processed Fast

Unlike vacuum furnaces, which sequester assemblies in a locked chamber for the duration of the brazing process, atmosphere-controlled continuous furnaces move assemblies through the heating chamber at a steady rate. This makes the furnaces ideal for handling large work orders that are needed on an expedited basis. If you have a work order that must be turned around quickly, using the PuroBrite™ system to braze the assemblies is an excellent option.

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If you are looking for the best brazing services, call Franklin Brazing. Using our PuroBrite™ system to braze stainless steel creates assemblies that have a shiny appearance, the proper grain structure, require no post brazing treatment for oxidation, and are processed quickly. Franklin Brazing has over 40 years experience in brazing stainless steel. For more information about our services, call us today at at (800) 450-7822, or click here to use our contact form.